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New publication in XI DRACONIS BOOKS

Xi Draconis Books is extremely excited to announce Jennifer Lagier’s Trumped Up Election, which will be released in the latter half of April.

Trumped Up Election documents the dystopian world of compromised US politics, the devaluation of civility, and the destruction of cultural norms during the 2016 presidential election. Bearing witness to the rise of misogyny, racism, corruption, and homophobia, this collection of poetry explores the progressive dismantling of democratic process, abandonment of ethical behavior, and a country in accelerating free-fall toward fascism.

Jannifer Lagier is a member of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom and a former area coordinator for California Poets in the Schools. She has published fifteen books, edits the Homestead Review, maintains websites for
Misfit Magazine and Ping Pong Free Press, and helps coordinate Monterey Bay Poetry Consortium readings.

Nothing in the void and its futuristic landscapes.

“Nothing in the Void” opens a new path into the inner worlds of artist Mauricio Paz Viola. His images, colors and pictorial narrations awake in us dormant worlds in ourselves. We find ourselves naked to the soul, without conventions nor preconceived notions to invoke, and hence forced to come up with our own responses to our ephemeral landscapes. futuristic landscapes and nothing in the void of the artist Mauricio Paz Viola, paintings in oil on canvas, acrylic on canvas.

Art representing identity.

identity studio art-social identity art-identity through art-identity in visual art-portrait d'art-portrait in art definition-

In my understanding, there are three concurrent trends in New York that stand out from the rest - pop art, abstract art and street part. Based on this observation I decided that I would follow one of these to get into the flow of the City. In fact, I incorporated all three in one piece of artwork. In this series called Identity (Identity), inspired by the people and the diversity of New York, I wanted to capture this diversity, the statics, the glamor, the fashion, the ethnicities, the culture and the splendor of this magnificent city.


A few days ago, we announced our take-over and re-opening of ArtWorld.

We've had a great response, already adding over a dozen artists and an artist collective to our list of Contributing Editors. Facebook says that there is no limit to the number of people we can add in roles on our page! So we'd like to add hundreds of artists as Contributing Editors to share their art and art news.

The Call of Walls.

In this group show, we’re continuing our tradition of exhibiting new work by artists we already love alongside surprising entries by artists who are entirely new to us.

Van Der Plas Gallery

The Subconscious Fractals.

There is a clear fractal element in my work. I think plastic artists can interpret in subconscious, yet clearer way that resorting to fractal or aesthetic art. Fractalism and aestheticism exist in nature and the universe, and you can see some reference to that in almost all of my pieces, especially in my abstract series “Nothing in the Void”. The Fibonacci sequence is alluded to in the series “Sublime Trees.”

Today we’d like to introduce you to Mauricio Paz Viola.

Mauricio, please kick things off for us by telling us about yourself and your journey so far.
Many life situations inspire me – artists are a little different in the sense that we see differently. I was born in a small town on the shore of La Plata River with the most gorgeous sunsets in the world, carnival, Murgas, candombe, bohemian life, good wine and beautiful women.

What was Unauthorized SFMOMA Show.

Unauthorized SFMOMA Show was a series of solo shows that took place within SFMOMA’s public spaces from April 6th - July 2nd, 2017 on a rotating basis. Similar to SFMOMA’s mission statement, Unauthorized SFMOMA Show was dedicated to making the art for our time a vital and meaningful part of public life. Unauthorized SFMOMA Show was also guided by our commitment to fostering creativity and embracing new ways of seeing the world and the institutions that aim to represent it. To fulfill this goal, we created a space where to exhibit and share the artwork that everybody wanted to see exhibited and shared.

What made you decide to return to Cosmic Filigrees after a 12 year hiatus?

Well, it is something I did and was still pending completion. I regard it as my true art, as there are key, defining moments in my life as a person and as an artist, which are captured and expressed in this series. The series did not start as “Cosmic Filigrees” as I came up with the title recently; the images and the method – of working with saturated colors, geometric figures, dots, spheres, images over a black background – has been around for long time for me.

I began this type of work when I was 17 and inspired by mystic visions. From there on all of my work began to incorporate waves, as if everything moves, and stairs, cubes, spheres and references to stars, nature, and images that could be called pareidolias, as well as different planes, and one dimension within another.