Paz Viola, who we recently got featured in a 14-page spread in the May/June issue of Tribe Magazine!

Issue 10 of is live, and it's a special one! Nur by Mauricio Paz Viola © 2016. Mauricio Paz Viola embarked on his artistic journey early in life......

Blog post "The Lighting Mind" on my paintings

Featured in Flamantes, Book 3 of "Hago Cosas", Spain.

Featured as outstanding artist in ArtePunta art expo, held in Punta del Este, Uruguay

Enter the Dreamworld of Mauricio Paz Viola – Artist from Uruguay

Self-taught artist Mauricio Ezequiel Paz Viola (b 1985; Carmelo, Colonia, Uruguay) embarked on his artistic journey very early in life.  Since the young age of 14, he has been participating in art exhibitions in Uruguay and abroad. Inspired by Matta, Miro and other pioneers, Paz Viola’s works have a vivid, dreamlike quality; he appears to be on a constant quest to show the viewer his personal, inner worlds where objects and shapes seem to take on lives of their own. Go Global Art recently sat down with prolific artist Paz Viola to discuss his work and future plans.....

Featured in Art & Beyond, May-June 2016

Exhibit "Mirada Humana (Human Gaze)" in Fauna Gallery, Santiago

The new issue of Meat For Tea is out!10th anniversary, and bigger than ever! 126 total pages of excellence!Check it out here, and pass it on:

Featured in Art Impact magazine, New York

Leonardo Art Guide, Spain, 2016

International art magazine "Evolution Arts" in April 2016
Delivering my painting commissioned by the Consulate of Uruguay in Chile to Ms. Mercedes Corominas. The painting is titled "the sparrow coming back to Uruguay each February" and is dedicated to the Uruguayan community in diaspora, collectively known as "Department 20" (since the country consists of 19 departments) and represented as 20 clouds in the painting. 
Donated to the Consulate of Uruguay in Chile in 2016. 
The themes and style are a homage to the three greatest painters of Uruguay: Carlos Páez Vilaró, Pedro Figari, and Joaquín Torres García


ART Innsbrook International fair for contemporary art & antiques, Jan 28-30, 2016, Austria.

International art show, Nemesio Antúñez Cultural Center, Jan 13-28, Santiago, Chile

Punta Arte Uruguay, Jan - March 2016. Contemporary art exhibit in Punta del Este

Featured in Spectrum Miami fair from Dec 3-6, represented by Artelisted! Live online auction starting on Dec 12. Participate at

Group show "Dissolvenze Contemporanee" in Merlino Bottega d'Arte, Florence, Italy. Oct 22 - Nov 4, 2015

Learn about the latest happenings and exhibitions

 "Essentia" Inaugurated on Nov 5, 7:30pm at Centro Cultural Recoleta, Santiago with a special guest, "Violeta Sonoterapia" who led a meditation with Tibetan singing bowls. The energy was incredible and we were grateful for everyone that came!

Inauguration of exhibition "Trillados" in Chimkowe Cultural Center of Peñalolén, featuring artists Justin Earl Grant, Roberto Aranibar Luna and Mauricio Paz Viola; international painting exhibition featuring the work of three visual artists. 

CONTEMPORARY ART CURATOR is an online art magazine, focusing on Contemporary Art. Contemporary Art Curator covers visual art, photography, street art, art events and art films.

The Art and Culture Column SANAT EDİTÖRÜ: ÜMMÜHAN KAZANÇ - Tüm dünyadan modern ve çağdaş sanat, arkeoloji, sanat tarihi, sergiler, fuar ve bienaller, müzayedeler... Türk ve yabancı sanatçı, tasarımcı, mimar röportajları... Ayrıca tasarımın önemli bir parçası olan mobilyalar, aksesuarlar, mücevherler, saatler ile ilgili detaylı bilgiler...

Featured in Artexpertise's first September show in Merlino Gallery, opening on September 5, 5:30pm. Florence, Italy.  


Atelier 4 has the pleasure of extending all of you a cordial invitation to our new exhibition, SIMBIOSIS, showcasing the paintings of Uruguayan artist Mauricio Paz Viola and Chilean artist Guillermo Grebe Larrain. Show opens on August, 27, at 7:30pm. Hope to see all of you at Atelier4 Gallery, Av. Las Condes 14102, Lo Barnechea.  Guest artist, Soledad Omeñaca will showcase her sculpture works. 

The works will be on view until September 25, 2015.

Two visual artists, Mauricio Paz Viola (Uruguay) and Guillermo Grebe Larrain (Chile) come together to show their different styles of plastic expression, inviting us to experience their personal, unique worlds through colors, shapes and a plethora of visual languages.


Grebe Larrain’s works take us to dreamy, surrealistic landscapes drenched in color, offering us various perceptive realities to choose from and featuring characters that seem to have leapt out of fairy tales or their own personal worlds and showing us the magic that lies in the eyes of the beholder.


Yet, beyond what meets the eye is the creative act captured in the wonderful works that will surely leave their mark on our retinas and memories.


Paz Viola, on the other hand, guides us through a body of work that clearly center on two concepts: “sensitivity and expression”. With “sensitivity”, he captures and renders, with his use of color and light his capacity to feel, challenging the idea of full opacity in the act of plastic expression and assuming his identity in an chaos with its own order. With “expression”, he opens a dialogue with the viewer in which we run into ourselves in the abstractions and images that we interpret and re-created from our own imagination.

Archiart, Italo-Chilean Artists Association of Chile launches group show "Divine Comedy: Seven Deadly Sins" in the Cultural Center of Italian School in Santiago. Presenting one of my "Dark and Black" illustration works for "Sloth" category. 

Group show "IL MEGLIO DI NOI/The best of us" with Achiart, August 5-28, Edificio Consistorial, Valparaiso, Chile. 

ART UpCLOSE is a marketing platform featuring the work of contemporary artists working in various mediums and disciplines.  While promoting awareness of their work among established and new collectors, we make it available at competitive prices.Unlike other online projects, ART UpCLOSE extends its presence to art fairs in New York and Miami and has an exhibition space in the Lower East Side of Manhattan

Group show "Open Door", July 30, 7:30pm. Emilio Vaisse 561.

Cultural Mural Project

Immigration Department wall mural, located in the Santiago office (Chile), 2015

I wanted to pay homage to my motherland, Uruguay, by creating a mural with elements that echo Torres García and Paez Vilaró. Titled "Las manos que quieren alcanzar el sol/Hands reaching for the Sun", the painting is a metaphor of the immigrant dream around the world.  

 “Leonardo" (Spain) guide to contemporary art and artists, 2015

 Alea Iacta Est, my next group show along with arists of Achiart (Italo-Chilean artist association) in Mundo Sur Gallery

The Italian Cultural Institute of Santiago and Italo-Chilean Artist Association (Achiart) will celebrate the 40th anniversary of Bucci Gallery with a group exhibition, featuring works of prominent artists. The show will last from April 14 to April 27, 2015.

Next show: "Underwater"

April 9-24, 2015, Cultural House of Ñuñoa, Av. Irarrázaval 4055

Kickoff on April 9 at 7:30pm

Artworks featured in Latin American Annual Plastic Art Review 

Group show “La Bellezza dello Sguardo” from Nov 27 to Dec 26, 2014 in the Italian School of Santiago. Inauguration on Nov 27 at 19:30. Av. Las Flores 12707, San Carlos de Aponquindo.

Interview by Chilean art critic Felipe Vilches Rubio for Artefacto Internacional magazine

Group show in La Finestra Italian restaurant, opening on November 14, 2014

Group show in Valparaiso, "Gli Dei Antichi", Opening on October 10

Group show in "Equinoccio 2014" Festival, showing one of my best abstract works in 2013

Showing 10 of my best works at the Cultural Center of Recoleta, August 11-30, 2014, Santiago, Chile

 Come see my exhibition as part of "Uruguay Week" in Recoleta...   

Cover illustration for "El Dominio Caido"


In a nimble and fun Space Opera, up-and-coming writer Cristian Tejada Urbina narrates the inminent interstellar conflict between the Earth and the rebellious Nexus. The advent of an enigmatic character coming from a faraway galaxy threatened to further complicate the situation of the world, which in itself was already unstable.

120 pages.

Anticipos Press.

Cover illustration: Mauricio Paz Viola, from his contemporary abstract series “Nothing in the Void (2011)”.
More information at

Work selected for "Essence of Bread" painting competition organized by Lesaffre Group in Santiago, Chile

Work selected for “Essense of Bread” painting competition organized by Lesaffre Group, world’s leading yeast producer in its first visual art event in Chile “Marraqueta”.

My submission was titled “Pain” (also meaning bread in French).

Show inaugurated on August 4, Arte Trece Gallery.


Musical rendering of my painting by Helen Davey

“Dreams of Green” is a musical rendering of Mauricio Paz Viola’s artwork as part of Australian composer Helen Davey’s “52 sound paintings” project, which features weekly compositions inspired by works of 52 visual artists.
More information at

 In Helen's words:

" I loved getting lost in this piece of art  – which is just one in a series of Mauricio’s works.  I wanted to evoke a sense of wonder and space for philosophical dreaming. I felt that such “spaciousness” required a sonic quality of unending-ness.

Generally I work with acoustic instruments, but for this piece, I delved into some midi sounds, namely, “bliss, tranquil horizon & curved air”  (how could I resist those names? They seem so appropriate!).  The meandering melody line (“curved air”) is intended to carry thoughts where they wish to wander, in a wondering way.

A Uruguayan artist living in Chile is certainly not someone I would meet every day. I found Mauricio’s artwork online and love that although we don’t share a common language, we can communicate in simple sentences, about our art and project 52, (using google translate).  What a remarkable time we live in!"

Featured in Hidden Treasure art magazine (UK)

Featured in Hidden Treasure Yearbook 2014, Volume II, published and distributed in the UK

Featured in Leonardo 2014 (Spain), guide to contemporary art and artists


Featured in Leonardo 2014 (guide to art and artists), a top quality hardover art book published in Spain featuring amazing artists around the world

Group show "Encounters" in Siglo XX Yolanda Hurtado Gallery






Showed my work alongside Cuban painter Ariadna Gallardo and Chilean artists Heriberto Bravo and Milena Lehmann. On display from April 13 to May 31, 2014.

Cover illustration of "De amores y reflexiones", an anthology by poet Mirna Paz Viola

Cover illustration for “Of love and reflections” of poet Mirna Paz Viola, published by Dunken Press and presented at the Buenos Aires Book Fair.

Illustration is a large format pastel drawing on paper, created in 2015 and titled “women with stairs”
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Group show in Espacio Diez Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2013

Group show "Imagen Joven" 2013, Fine Arts Museum, Paraná, Entre Ríos, Argentina

Solo show "Nothing in the Void" in Oops! Gallery, Santiago, Chile, 2013

Young artists group show "MAJO 2013", Rómulo Raggio Museum, Buenos Aires, Argentina