Works from 2003 through 2017, featuring various techniques and styles

Techniques change, from collage, link, dry pastel, oil pastel, oil painting and charcoal

Work of 2003, mixed technique on cardboard, charcoal, ink, and collage, titled in 2012 as "Women shattered by time" Contemporary art, art galleries, independent artist


One of the plastic art techniques with which I feel most comfortable and free with is collage, which I have been using since I was 15. I would mix paint, paper, ink, oil painting, etc in one single work, and the result would be fascinating. You are welcome to see my collage works from 2003, such as my work titled “women, shattered in time”. You can also find works created in 2015 that feature cutouts of figures pasted onto drawings on white backgrounds.


Here I am also sharing some “mail art” pieces, which are usually created on a black background. Also found are photos of a series of works in pastel and charcoal, titled “deformism”, the majority of which were created between 2004 and 2005.




 Collage on black cardboard for Mail Art

Collage on black background, mail art,


To share my artworks in a democratic manner, I have chosen the form of mail art. I have always believed that art should not be resigned to a life of recluse between the four walls of galleries, museums, cultural centers; instead, I consider that artists have the commitment and the obligation to share art in a democratic matter, which is why mail art appeals to me. It can play an important socio-cultural role in society, by creating visual poetry, address current issues, propose solutions or illustrate concepts and messages in completely free styles.

Generally, “mail art” pieces are the sizes of postcards, which forces the artist to search for new ways of expression within themselves. In my case, I always try to stick to the same theme: every work I send out is created on a black background, almost always abstract, although in some cases I also create works as visual critiques with religious and political undertones as these are two important motive that shape the structure of


Otras obras. 

 Dry pastel on paper, medium to large formats