The return to Cosmic Filigree.

What made you decide to return to

Cosmic Filigrees after a 12 year hiatus?

Well, it is something I did and was still pending completion. I regard it as my true art, as there are key, defining moments in my life as a person and as an artist, which are captured and expressed in this series. The series did not start as “Cosmic Filigrees” as I came up with the title recently; the images and the method – of working with saturated colors, geometric figures, dots, spheres, images over a black background – has been around for long time for me. I began this type of work when I was 17 and inspired by mystic visions. From there on all of my work began to incorporate waves, as if everything moves, and stairs, cubes, spheres and references to stars, nature, and images that could be called pareidolias, as well as different planes, and one dimension within another. Inspired by prophetic and mystic visions at 17, I began to experience certain psychic and emotional imbalances. Sometimes I saw Tulpas, moving walls, stairs going into the depth of the Earth, and heard voices that called to me frequently. After that I decided to stop painting for a while and I abandoned the series as the visions would come back when I did this type of painting. After all these years I decided that it is time to pick up this series that I enjoyed so much, even though knowing that it could bring up certain psychic problems. I have to do it because the series shows my authentic self, and its artistic elements are important to me – spheres, cubes, stairs, line repetitions; they are memories that I lived in my childhood and adolescence. People say that an artist creates until their adolescence and then just repeat themselves, and it is true that we recreate things that defined our early life.

You have written literary fantasy to accompany some of you work. Do you write separately from your visual art as well?

No. At the moment I try to narrate my fantasy worlds and bring these places to life. I have lots of imagination, and as I have said on many occasions, I think that I have lived in these worlds that I paint in one way or another. I can even describe an entire imaginary, Tolkien-style planet, with its images painted and decorated by me. I expressed this vision somewhat in the series “Nothing in the Void”, where I narrate about a planet called Ergon, and Nur Bosch as characters. I don’t write separately from my visual art. Currently I only write to facilitate better interpretation of my work. I come from a family of writers but I have not yet forayed into literature.

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