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Self-taught artist Mauricio Paz Viola (b 1985; Carmelo, Uruguay) embarked on his artistic journey early in life. Dabbling in plastic art since 7, he has participated in various art competitions in his native Uruguay and abroad. At 14, Paz Viola began to participate in group shows and individual shows nationally and internationally in galleries and museums in Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, United States, Italy, China,  among others. His work have been featured in doctoral studies programs in art in universities in Chile, Mexico, Argentina and Spain, and are frequently featured in magazines and art books, among which are Latin American Plastic Art Annual Review, High Impact: the Art of Visual (New York) as well as books in Venezuela, Spain, Argentina, UK, France, etc.

The most notable influences of Paz Viola are Roberto Matta, Max Ernst and  Javier Gil.

Paz Viola Artist Statement

My works present images of imaginary landscapes, my paintings are an invitation to enter the world of dreams, where people can escape the mundane for a few moments.

My paintings consist of interpretations of subjective and illusory images inspired by my sensations and memories.


Selected List of Exhibitions

Works in Public Collections


• Beijing Jintai Art Museum (2020)

• Shenzhen Dafen Art Museum (2020)

• Nanjing Normal University Xianlian Campus Art Museum (2018)

• Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile (2015)

• Consulate General of Uruguay in Chile (2015)

• Museo Romulo Raggio in Buenos Aires, Argentina (2013)

• Museo Fundación Fobeju in Santiago, Chile (2012)




• 2023 – Solo show Light, Embodied, CAN Art Center, Beijing 798 Art Zone

• 2022 – “The Cave as Spiritual Landscape”, solo show in Beijing Millenium Gallery

• 2022 – “Green Olympics, Together Towards the Future” International Cultural and Art Exchange Exhibition, Beijing

• 2022- “Color and Surrealism - Uruguayan Art Exhibition,” Millennium Time Gallery, Beijing

• 2021-UNGA 75 group show “the world we want”

• 2021-“Tone of Light” show with Chinese artist Huang He in Scuola Italiana Beijing

• 2021-group show “Latin American contemporary art” in Southwest University of China

• 2021-group show in the opening of International Center Chongqing

• 2021-solo show in VA Gallery Chongqing

• 2021-group show “Contemporary Uruguayan Art” in VA Gallery Chengdu

• 2020-Beijing Jintai Art Museum (joint exhibition with curator Yuan Xikun)

• 2020-Shenzhen Dafen Oil Painting Biennale

• 2020-China Artists Association Common Homeland "One Belt One Road National Art Exhibition", China Art Museum

• 2020- “Cosmovisiones” Uruguayan, Argentinian and Chinese Artists, Dimensions art center, Huangjueping, Chongqing, China

• 2019-Borderlust Mauricio Paz Viola & Justin Earl Grant, The Institute of Hispanic Culture of Houston , Houston Texas US

• 2019 -international Oil Painting Biennale, Weihai, China

• 2019-Group Show Mixed Concatenation, Embassy of Uruguay in Beijing,China

• 2019-Beijing Art Expo No. 22, Beijing, China

• 2019 -“ART IS MONEY-MONEY IS ART”, curated by Edoardo Marcenaro and organized by East Village Art View, New York,

• 2019 –“Metamorphosis” Exhibition Van der Plas Gallery, New York

• 2018-the Art Museum of the Xianlin Campus of the Normal University of Nanjing, China.

• 2018-Van der Plas Gallery, “Call of Walls,” our current All Art, New York

• 2018-Beijing Art Expo No. 21 (ArtBank), Beijing, China

• 2018-Van der Plas Gallery, Summer Rainbow show, New York

• 2018-Featured artist in ArtBank project in Shanghai, China

• 2017-Unauthorized SFMOMA Shows 2017, San Francisco & New York, US.

• 2017- Leppe Gallery, Santiago, Chile.

• 2016- “Artbox, Project Miami” in Spectrum Miami

• 2016- Innsbrook International Contemporary Art Fair. Austria

• 2016- Expo Punta Arte, Punta del Este, Uruguay

• 2015- Art Basel Miami, Florida, USA.

• 2015- Solo show, “Essentia” in Recoleta Cultural Center, Santiago, Chile

• 2015- “Trillados” in Chimkowe Cultural Center of Peñalolén, Santiago, Chile.

• 2015- Image & Light" at Bottega d'Arte Merlino Gallery, Florence, Italy.

• 2015- Le Dame Gallery, London, UK.

• 2015- Show in Atelier4 Gallery, Santiago, Chile

• 2015- Solo show in Cultural Center of Ñuñoa, Chile

• 2014- Solo show in Cultural Center of Recoleta during “Uruguay Week”, Chile

• 2014- “Essence of bread” in Arte Trece Gallery, Santiago, Chile

• 2014- “Encounters” show in Siglo XX Yolanda Hurtado Gallery, Santiago, Chile

• 2013- Espacio 10 Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina

• 2013- “Imagen Joven”, Museum of Fine Arts in Paraná, Argentina

• 2013- Solo show in Oops! Gallery, Santiago, Chile

• 2013- “Arte Joven MAJO 2013,” Romulo Raggio Foundation, Buenos Aires, Argentina

• 2013- Show and Tour with Latin American Annual Art Review No. 17 (Argentina & Uruguay)

• 2012- Fifth Visual Art Fair, Fobeju Foundation, Santiago, Chile

• 2011- 2012 Tour “País” with Chilean artist Guillermo Núñez, Mexican painter Uriel Parker and Chilean painter Martín Astorga Camus throughout Chile, receiving over 10,000 visitors

• 2010-2011 creation of project “Artivism for Peace” (affiliated with UNA Art Miles project in the US), including community art/intervention workshops for children and mural painting in southern Chile

• 2005 Solo show, Torres Garcia Hall of Consulate of Argentina, Colonia, Uruguay

• 2005 Solo show in Four Seasons Resort, Carmelo, Uruguay

• 2004- Solo show in Cultural Center of Carmel, Uruguay