Mauricio Paz Viola

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My works feature images of imaginary landscapes, empty or inhabited by unknown beings - landscapes that externalize to constant inner struggle of being human, that visualizes conflict between good and evil, between light and darkness ... hence, the best way to describe my work is - landscapes inhabited by the self, where a step forward is eternal light and a step backwards is total darkness, a realm that is both personal and universal, and something I would like to share with the world.


In a nutshell, a constant theme of my work is the common experience of all living things as manifested in nature, the universe (or universes) and the infinite worlds and dimensions about which we know nothing, towards which biology, science, art try grapple ... in a word, LIFE.


I would define my artwork as a manifestation of self, an extension of my spirit or sub-consciousness, which is still beyond my grasp and lies at the deepest sphere of pure self. In particular, I try to minimize intellectual inclinations when I create to prevent the ego, the fictitious self from intervening, and hence my works are the most loyal reflections of who I am (dreamer, fantasy-prone, sensitive, and a bit dark and gloomy sometimes).