Welcome to the gallery of contemporary Uruguayan artist  Mauricio Paz Viola.

In this space you will find surrealistic and abstract art, in different techniques, oils, watercolors, inks, charcoal, pastel, collage, and mixed techniques

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Let us take upon ourselves

A new journey, through 

Wondrous worlds of which

We were once a part, a particle

Let yourself become a stream

And flow

Into the realms of dreams where

The forces and energy 

Of the Universe, glow.


Creativity and art are about sharing with the audience and inviting them to create new shapes and worlds within themselves…


I consider each of my work to be a mirror that reflects the viewer’s inner worlds and memories of other realms, inhabited in other dimensions or times… a mirror that reveals a sphere beyond what is real, tangible, and logical and frees the viewer to create and re-create new images and shapes according to their own feelings, or their imaginations of other worlds and dimensions where they once existed as a particle of cosmic dust that captures and expresses sensations and moods with shapes, colors, light, energy and vibrations when one lays their eyes on a painting of mine.


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"Sometimes artists choose the road less traveled, they immerse themselves in worlds of magic and novelty and create a unique and dreamy dialogue to explore alternative forms of artistic expression, with total freedom of the human mind, freedom to dream and weave fantasies to Starting from a pure, authentic emotional intuition without limiting archetypes or structures by judging their actions ...
"The artists of roads not transited are honest beings who seek, above all, that art is an expression of their innermost being".


Mauricio Paz Viola

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Nothing in the void and futuristic landscapes.



“Nothing in the Void” opens a new path into the inner worlds of artist Mauricio Paz Viola. His images, colors and pictorial narrations awake in us dormant worlds in ourselves.

The Subconscious Fractals

There is a clear fractal element in my work. I think plastic artists can interpret in subconscious, yet clearer way that resorting to fractal or aesthetic art. 

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Published on Jan 20, 2019  

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