"Nothing in the Void"


Nothing in the Void opens a new path into the inner worlds of artist Mauricio Paz Viola. His images, colors and pictorial narrations awake in us dormant worlds in ourselves. We find ourselves naked to the soul, without conventions nor preconceived notions to invoke, and hence forced to come up with our own responses to our ephemeral landscapes.

If all the atoms making up the physical universe are mostly empty spaces, what, then, is our world but nothingness in the void? What will become of ourselves but amalgamations of atom-cosmos of constant movement and change?

I invite you to take upon this journey towards your interior, to know worlds we had known in our past lives and in cosmic visions…

The series, initiated in 2011 and in a ongoing creation process, shows my latest development in my own style and a candid search for the inner self. The colors awake sensations that invite the audience to roam the innermost corners of our souls and meet ourselves in a dialogue, in a creative interaction with ourselves.