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Musical Interpretation
08. July 2024
Music can transport us back in time or take us to a dreamed future. It awakens memories and elevates us to finer thoughts. Music unifies us with nature and the cosmos, with others and with ourselves. Paintings do the same but in a different way. Music is more subtle whereas visual art is more direct.
Light is one of the first things I remember
15. May 2024
When I was nineteen, I had an experience that could perhaps be described as transcendental. Walking on a country road one day, I saw an abandoned house. I remember walking into it before losing consciousness due to exhaustion from the oppressive heat and humidity of Uruguayan summers

Paz Viola's work concerned itself with dreams, the universe and the void.
15. April 2024
"All works are born from the pulsation of inspiration: all images are born from a point and a line." It's like another layer of human thinking, another territory that will suddenly give me a sense of timelessness.
Communicating Spirituality Through Art
01. April 2024
Art is of utmost importance for the world: it is an instrument and an important form of human dialogue. Art is the cornerstone upon which culture is built, and throughout the history of art we see the most significant manifestations of being. Art has transformed, from political and social critique and voice of advocacy to a more universal, spiritual and cosmic expression.

11. December 2023
When I paint, I let emotions and intuition lead the way. My works do not make statements, which I believe come from the fictitious, intellectualizing self, against which I jealously guard. Nor is my art a transmutation of symbols and ideas into their equivalents in images or forms. When I create, I do not begin with the end or even a plan in mind. Instead, I leave empty space to allow my subconscious self to take over.