Taoist vision

When I paint, I let emotions and intuition lead the way. My works do not make statements, which I believe come from the fictitious, intellectualizing self, against which I jealously guard. Nor is my art a transmutation of symbols and ideas into their equivalents in images or forms. When I create, I do not begin with the end or even a plan in mind. Instead, I leave empty space to allow my subconscious self to take over. When it does, it articulates impressions of duality it has seen everywhere in the real world and absorbed from different schools of thinking; it speaks through light, darkness, and every tone and shade in between. The end result perhaps resembles a mostly Taoist vision, one where light (yang) is born from darkness (yin), and darkness from light; they are in a state of mutual alternation, creating the four cardinal directions that define the expanse between heaven and earth, a space brimming and teeming with life, engendered by the endless interplay of light and darkness. 

                                                             Dama blanca, 160 x 180 cm, oil on canvas, 2023